I started Mindmapping over 20 years ago after reading a book by Tony Buzan. Mindmapping is an excellent tool for creativity, structuring, learning, note taking and managing tasks. It quickly became an everyday tool for me.

A mindmap is diagram with a central idea and sub-ideas radiating from the main idea by linked lines that show the relationship between the ideas. Thinking with diagrams is very comfortable since it is closer to the way your mind naturally works. With mindmaps, ideas become clearer, new ideas surface easier and structures are more consistent and complete.

There has been a recent explosion of Mindmapping software that automates much of the process allowing you to focus on generating and manipulating the ideas. The software can automatically translate your mindmaps into PowerPoint slides, Word documents and even project management files. Collaborative software allows several people to work on the same map.

Mindmapping should be a tool used throughout your organization. It is probably the best tool for managing the increasing complexity of our tasks.

After completing this course participants will be able to use mindmaps to better manage complex tasks, structure documents and improve creativity. Participants will practice creating and using mindmaps to make a wide variety of real world tasks more efficient and productive.
The promise of Mindmapping Electronic Mindmapping
Mindmapping terms Mindmapping for structure
Mindmapping principles Mindmapping for managing projects
The basic Mindmap Advanced Mindmapping techniques
Mindmapping for creativity Mindmapping case studies
Tony Osime
Idowu David
Maximum number of participants per class 25
Minimum number of participants per class 5
Location To be agreed
Duration 1 day
Facilitators 1
Assistants 1
Special Requirements Laptop and
I have included brief Mindmapping topics in my advanced presentation skills and business writing courses. These focused on structuring a presentation or a document. It barely scratched the surface of what is possible with the tool. Nevertheless participants were amazed at the results and were eager to use the software.
As an individual, your productivity is enhanced with Mindmapping. As a team, overall productivity is increased by more than the sum of the increased productivity of the team members. As an organization, Mindmapping with a collaborative Mindmapping application will increase corporate productivity tremendously. Send your teams for this program and see their productivity grow exponentially.
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