Most etiquette trainers have had little training in facilitation. They deliver etiquette as a series of "dos and don'ts". They seldom state why things are done in a particular way. Participants end up memorizing what appear to be a strange set of informal rules. We approach etiquette from foundation principles. Once you understand the principles you can impress your clients by being poised and confident even in situations that are new to you.

The second way our course differs from most others is that we focus on exercises, where you learn by doing rather than just watching the facilitator demonstrate what should be done. For example, when we cover dinning etiquette, each participant has a full dinning set to work with. They practice with real wine glasses and real fish knives.

On completing this course participants will have the knowledge, skills, attitude and tools to make a good impression with customers by dressing, communicating and behaving in a manner that will win them respect and admiration. Their poise, grooming and politeness will make them a joy to work with.
Each topic has a corresponding set of practical exercises
Understanding etiquette Greeting Etiquette
First Impressions Conversation and networking
The principles of etiquette Phone & email Etiquette
Dinning Etiquette Special Etiquette exercises
Dress & Grooming Etiquette Selected Etiquette videos
Tony Osime
Idowu David
Ade Laja
Maximum number of participants per class 30
Minimum number of participants per class 5 (recommended)
Location To be agreed
Duration 1 - 2 days
Facilitators 1
Assistants 1 – 2
Special Requirements A real meal
demonstration is
This is a very mature course. We have delivered this program over 35 times to over 980 delegates. We have continually refined the course by adding new objects to the set of objects used by each participant and adding demonstration videos to show more alternative approaches to specific situations.

  These are hand written testimonials from participants from one class. We allow anonymous feedback to encourage openness.
  "He made me feel at home and attended to all questions without rush"- Augusta
  "Innovative strategy in letting all trainees have silverware and feel what it is like"- Anonymous
  "Highly interactive, enlightening and participatory. It was practical with individuals practicing the skills" - Anonymous
  "He was friendly, place(d) himself in our level and still had control over the class"- Anonymous
Competition and technology have reduced the differences between companies. Clients are now swayed by smaller differences. This is where etiquette comes in. Your etiquette skills could be the difference between winning and losing that vital client or dream job. Build your etiquette acumen on a solid foundation of principles and practiced skills.
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