Excellent Customer Service - A Course Proposal Prepared by Tony Osime
This is a training proposal prepared for Zenith Bank. It follows a request for a training solution to improve customer service skills in the bank's service delivery staff.
After reviewing this proposal we look forward to a decision to implement the training after agreeing final fees and delivery details.
This is a confidential document that we trust will not be shown to third parties or used for any other purpose without our prior consent.
Achieving excellent customer service is one of the greatest challenges facing banks in Nigeria. While the average level of service quality has risen, customer expectations have risen even further due to local and international exposure to excellent service.
Against this background, we have increased competition between banks and ever increasing workloads as banks strive to cut costs and squeeze maximum efficiencies.
This course goes well beyond superficial or cosmetic customer service which focuses on politeness and motivation. At a deeper level, excellent customer service involves seeing everything you do from the customer's perspective, anticipating unmet needs and organizing your work to deliver the very best customer experience. We emphasize a team based approach to achieving the best customer service.
After taking this course, Zenith staff will see excellent customer service as a continuous process of creatively anticipating unmet needs and reorganizing processes to deliver ever improving services.
On completing this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and tools to deliver excellent customer service. They will see all processes from the customer's perspective and reorganize these processes to met ever increasing customer expectations.
We will show how excellent customer service is best achieved through teams. We will provide the group skills and tools geared to achieving excellent customer services.
We have successfully adapted and delivered this program for the following companies:-
- First Bank
- Access Bank (in collaboration with offshore facilitators)
Some of the topics have been included in programs delivered to other companies such as:
- Food Services
Below is a typical outline of our course. Each subject heading will have a number of topics. The topics will be interspersed for the most effective delivery.
Our introductions are extensive so that the course can be run more efficiently.
We will clarify both course and participant objectives while encouraging higher goals.
Present position
Here we surface current knowledge, skills and attitudes focusing on the latter. We help participants project the long term impact of their current practices given increasing competition in the industry.
Potential position
We feel that it is important for participants to have a strong vision of what is possible with superior knowledge, skills, attitudes and tools. We typically show films where participants can see the superior behavior in action. We sometimes draw on the personal experiences of participants where they may have experienced spectacular success without appreciating the critical elements that contributed to their success.
We will detail the first principles of customer service. These principles provide the foundation for all behavior and skills and allow participants to generate solutions for unusual situations.
We will include a simple set of tools that participants can apply to a wide range of situations. The tools are simple enough to memorize, even though we provide most of them as laminated desk references.
Here we break interactions down into a set of processes. These can then be learned step by step to ensure mastery of the skills.
Most of the learning will be via exercises. The lecture format will be minimized. The exercises will be challenging. The debriefing will focus on key insights and attitudinal shifts. Some of the exercises will be role plays mimicking real life experiences.
Personal reflection
To reinforce attitudinal change, we will encourage lots of personal reflection. We will also encourage participants to generate ideas for improving workplace systems to help improve customer services.
Our faculty is made up of independent facilitators who have extensive experience working together delivering these topics. Each facilitator has over 30 years of working experience (mostly in banks) that allows them to share their personal "war stories". The faculty includes:
1. Tony Osime
2. Idowu David
3. Neka Udezue
Personal profiles are available on request.
Our pricing is based on each program delivery, irrespective of the number of participants. Final fees will reflect who absorbs third party costs. Our fees are within the range charged by the larger Nigerian training companies and reflects the high quality of our delivery and materials.
Maximum number of participants per class
Minimum number of participants per class
To be agreed
1-2 days
This program provides a good opportunity for Zenith Bank to extend its competitive advantage by tapping the potential for improved customer service. It has already been successfully delivered to a number of companies by facilitators who have extensive experience in the banking industry.
We look forward to your reactions to our proposal and will call you within the week to agree the next step.
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