Business Writing For Success -A Proposal Prepared by Tony Osime
This is a training proposal prepared for GTBank. It follows a request for a training solution to improve business writing skills in the bank. After reviewing this proposal, we look forward to a decision to implement the training after agreeing final fees and delivery details. This is a confidential document that we trust will not be shown to third parties or used for any other purpose without our prior consent.
We see successful business writing as the application of a set of foundation principles. Once you know, can apply and believe in these principles, you will be writing with an ease and efficiency you never thought possible. To ease the learning process, we use a building block approach. We start with the most fundamental idea and gradually build upon this with additional ideas in a step by step manner. We approach each idea, or building block, from the perspectives of knowledge, skill and attitude. While our goal is to balance the end result of these perspectives, from our experience, most effort is needed in skill development. Successful business writing typically requires “unlearning” the bad habits that have accumulated over time. To identify these habits we examine sample texts from participants and review the major influences on their style. To round out our training, we examine many specialized forms of business writing such as technical writing, proposal writing, email and sales writing. We also include the many small tips on style that help participants circumvent a wide range potential problems.
On completing this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and tools to write efficiently and effectively. They will see writing from the reader’s perspective and be clear on the specific results they want to achieve. Business writing will take on an ease and fluidity that will make it an enjoyable process that will not only achieve business results but will enhance the careers of the writers.
We have successfully adapted and delivered this program for the following companies:-
- Accenture (As part of a communication & presentation skills program)
- GTBank (As part of a communication & presentation skills program)
- Ericsson – focusing on proposal writing
- ReStral – for staff of the consulting company
- MCS Consulting – as an open course for third party participants
- Leadership & Vision – as an open course for third party participants
We have been running this course for over 15 years, continually refining it based on course feedback and research into new techniques.
Below is a typical outline of our course.
Introduction   5. Well Laid Out   Intellectual Commitment And
Is This Course For You?   6. Natural   Discipline
Methods Of Instruction   7. Positive   Techniques For Being Clear,
What Will Be Expected Of You   8. Courteous   Concise And Direct
Career Implications   9. Personal   Word Choice
Special Instructions   The Writing Process   Specific Words
Effective Business Writing   1. Establish Purpose   Specific Action Verbs
What Is Business Writing?   2. Identify Readers   Use The Active Voice
Identify Readers   3. Determine Scope   Remove Unnecessary Words And
Identify Writers   4. Do Necessary Research   Phrases
Identify Influences   5. Make A Plan   Redundant Words
Nine Principles of Effective   6. Draft   Shorten Wordy Phrases
Business Writing   7. Revise   Sentence Length
1. Clear   8. React To Feedback   Technical Terms And Acronyms
2. Concise   Allocating Time Between Steps   Appropriate Style And Tone
3. Direct   Notes   Levels Of Style
4. Well Organized       Formal Style
Colloquial Style   Pronoun Reference   Table Of Contents
Informal Style   Traditional Paragraphs   List Of Figures (Or Tables Or Maps)
Common Stylistic Faults   Emphatic Paragraphs   Executive Summary
Inflated Language   Page Layout   Introduction
Archaic Language   Principles   Body (Including All Headings)
Quasi-Legalism   White Space   Conclusions
Jargon   Fonts   Recommendations
Clichés And Slang   Topic Heads   References
Appropriate Tone   Listing & Tables   Bibliography
Connotations Or Feelings   Illustrations (Visuals)   Appendixes
Be Positive   Line Drawings   Glossary
Be Objective   Pie Charts   Index
Be Personal   Bar Graphs   The Memo Report
Be Courteous   Line Graphs   Feasibility Reports
Organization   Elements Of Business Writing   Call Memos
Ways To Organize   Definition   Status Report
General To Specific   Process Description   Manuals
Specific To General   Forms Of Business Writing   Email
Chronological   Letters   Electronic Tools
Order Of Importance   Openings   Word Processors
Cause And Effect   Closing   Automation Principles
Comparison   General Structure [SCRAP]   Spread Sheet
Spatial (Location)   How To Say “No”   Drawing Programs
Mapping (Mind Mapping)   Sales Letter   Presentation Programs
Writing Structure   Content & Structure [AIDA]   Flow Charting Programs
Paragraphs   Teaser Openings   Electronic Encyclopedia &
Introductory Paragraphs   Features & Benefits   Reference Guides
Support Paragraphs   The Formal Report   Clip Art Collections
Closing Paragraphs   General Structure   Style Guides
Topic Sentence   Cover Letter    
Supporting Sentences   Cover    
Using Links   Title Page    
A List Of Links   Preface Or Foreword    
Our faculty is made up of independent facilitators who have extensive experience delivering these topics. Each facilitator has over 30 years of working experience (mostly in banks) that allows them to share their personal “war stories”. The faculty includes:
1. Tony Osime
2. Toki Mabogunje
3. Idowu David
4. Neka Udezue
Personal profiles are available on request.
Our pricing is based on each program delivery, irrespective of the number of participants. Final fees will reflect who absorbs third party costs. Our fees are within the range charged by the larger Nigerian training companies and reflects the high quality of our delivery and materials. Typical fees where venue and meals are provided by the client are N250,000 per day. Fees include facilitation, manuals, desk references and viewing video films.
Maximum number of participants per class
Minimum number of participants per class
To be agreed
2-3 days
This program is a good opportunity for you to enhance the writing skills of your staff. You will receive more up-to-date material than you were getting in the past. The program will be facilitated in a modern and engaging style. We have delivered this course successfully to so many participants we are confident we can repeat this success with you.
We look forward to your reactions to our proposal and will call you within the week to agree the next step.
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