When was the last time an insight stopped you in your tracks? Remember how your whole perspective changed and everything suddenly became clearer? These “moments of magic” are what we live for. We design and deliver our training programs so you can experience many of such moments. Our passion for learning translates into a passion to help you learn.

We balance these higher goals with a firm grounding on practical results based on real world experiences. With us, you learn by doing real world exercises, observing and reflecting on your results. Most of the time you will work with others, creating and placing “stepping stones” to advance your learning.
If you compared our courses to those of others, you would see these differences:
Engagement Participants find our courses engaging. The continuous attention and interest is generated by encouraging lively participation, providing mental challenges and varying how the course is delivered.
Adaptation We match the depth of the material to your current level and proceed at a pace that is moderately challenging.
Exercises While we keep knowledge, skills and attitude in close balance, we focus more on skill development through carefully chosen exercises.
Experiences We draw out the personal experiences of participants to keep their emotional engagement high. lParticipants will find the personal experiences of others fascinating and insightful..
Simplicity No matter how complex the material, we deliver it in a simple structure that is easy to absorb.
Tools We include effective tools that can be used back in the office. Many of these tools are in the form of laminated desk references that are easy to use.
Review our course descriptions and testimonials. If you find what you are looking for, contact us. If you like our approach but the course you are looking for in not on our list, tell us and we will let you know if we can design a program for you or put you in contact with someone who can.
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